Cornwall is home to a number of great locations for outdoor activities.

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Form new groups

The Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) has worked with outdoor activity and eco-tourism businesses to help form the Cornwall Outdoor Charter Group (COCG).

The COCG comprises a group of outdoor activity providers that wish to adhere to a voluntary code of conduct for Cornwall and sign up to a charter for best practice that is modelled on that developed by the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group.

The ESI helped the COCG to register as a formally constituted association and workshops are planned with the various agencies and conservationist organisations (including Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the National Trust and Natural England) to discuss and agree on voluntary codes of conduct for the region. Once this has been established the ESI hopes to collaborate on research opportunities and help map possible wildlife disturbance for the entire region to identify areas of conflict.

Steve Crummay, Director at Explore in Cornwall, said: “Cornwall’s environment is extraordinary and special. Our job is to enable people to discover that but also to ensure it is there for our children. A code of conduct for businesses to follow will help ensure that.”

It is hoped that by identifying and agreeing best practice in adventure sports and eco-tours, providers will minimise their impact on marine, landscape and ecosystem integrity in the region to preserve important locations for humans to connect with the environment.