Hydrok's disc filter assembly.

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Engineering company Hydrok UK Ltd are diversifying their export markets after the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) put them in touch with water systems experts at the University of Exeter.

ESI Knowledge Exchange Manager Alex Huke, who had been following the company with interest, arranged a meeting between the company and Centre for Water Systems directors Profs Dragan Savic and David Butler in 2011.

Alex explained: “They’d heard of the Centre for Water Systems, but hadn’t known what they could get out of it or how to go about arranging that.”

The initial meeting led to the company’s participation in a successful bid for European funding to improve wastewater treatment in India, awarded in 2012.

The project, SARASWATI, has got Hydrok working with a number of partner organisations and gives them an Asian presence. Sarawisti is due for completion in 2016.

It’s a challenge for the company that one Director, Dave Armstrong, is relishing. He said: “Collaborating with the ESI and University of Exeter provided the opportunity for Hydrok to engage with experts within the field and participate on a global stage to test, develop and market innovative water management systems with positive environmental and social impacts.”

Alex maintains regular contact with Hydrok to alert them to new funding opportunities.