Janet Lister seminar

A re-created meadow at Whittington Farm in the Cotswolds.

Seminar on Wed 20 January, 1:00, Trevithick Room

Recreating wildflower-rich grassland on National Trust land.

Janet Lister, Wildlife & Countryside Adviser, National Trust South West Region, Exeter Hub.

A presentation reporting on the findings of a three-month sabbatical spent studying how to recreate wildflower-rich “semi-natural” grasslands from arable land and species-poor grasslands.

The National Trust Strategy “Playing our part”, launched earlier in 2015, identifies a step change in organisational priorities regarding the restoration of “important and compromised landscapes”.  A series of exemplar project areas has been identified across the country, where we will develop our thinking and approaches to landscape-scale working. These include the SW Coast, where the ambition is to re-create a broader, more continuous and joined up band of semi-natural habitat.

This sabbatical was carried out to inform this process. The presentation reports on conclusions drawn from site visits focussed mainly in the SW of England and Wales, meetings with experts and literature trawl.