Fighting Pollinator Extinction

Despite apparent previous indifference regarding initiatives to combat biodiversity decline, in 2014 President Obama launched a federal strategy to fight pollinators decline.

Estimated species extinctions are occurring 1,000 times faster than any other major historical extinction event, and the Big 4 accounting firms are calling on corporations to examine their risks and opportunities related to biodiversity issues. This study aims to explore, in an inter-disciplinary way, the impact on corporate accountability for pollinator conservation of the President's call for cross-sector social partnerships on pollinator extinction, as measured by disclosures in US sustainability reports.

Dr Giovanna Michelon joined the University of Exeter Business School in May 2013, where she has been teaching courses in financial accounting and corporate governance in various degree programs. As an active member of the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (University of St. Andrews) - an international network aiming to mobilise accounting scholarship for a more sustainable society - her research focuses on corporate governance and social and environmental accounting and reporting.