Falmouth University's Centre for Smart Design

The Centre for Smart Design

A team of Smart Design staff from Falmouth University will talk about 'New Product Development Opportunities – Research Equipment for Onsite & Field Studies'.

The University of Exeter and Falmouth University have worked together on 15 new product development projects. These projects have been based on developing research equipment for both onsite and field research studies.

Turning research into impact is becoming increasingly important and with this in mind, the Innovation, Impact and Business (IIB) team, together with Falmouth University’s Centre for Smart Design, would like to foster greater collaboration between researchers and designers who are based on the Penryn Campus and interested in developing:

* Research equipment that supports research practice

* New products, systems and services resulting from research IP

Smart Design staff including Yorick Benjamin, Adam Stringer, Olly Hatfield and Andrew Smith will provide an insight into their agile design and development services in support of research activities. They will talk about:

* prototyping and field trial equipment development opportunities

* product design

* Smart Design Lab - facilities and skill sets

* digital integrations, Arduino, electronics and product development and programming.

Following this seminar, a regular drop-in session with the Smart Design team and IIB will be set up to enable researchers to discuss informally projects requiring novel scientific testing and field research equipment. Non-Disclosure Agreements can of course be applied where needed.