Steve Chapman (S C Nutrition), 17 May 2017:

The Modern Dairy Industry and It’s Challenges to Farmer and Cow

The UK is one of a few key countries in the world who is spearheading the discovery of new techniques in modern milk production. At the same time, it’s dairy producers are facing some of the toughest economic challenges experienced in the past quarter of a century.

S C Nutrition, based in Cornwall, is a company immersed in these changes within the Cornish Dairy Industry.

Through it’s adoption of new technologies and cutting edge research from places such as the United States, it has managed to increase it’s client’s profitability, focusing on improved cow comfort as way to deliver this raised prosperity.

On May 17th, we as a company would like to share these experiences and knowledge, informing the audience of the many day to day challenges and processes involved in getting a pint of milk produced for the family breakfast table.