Prof Kevin J Gaston

Professor Kevin J Gaston.
Image: Matt Jessop

Professor Kevin J Gaston comments in Nature journal

Efforts to improve street lights are providing a rare opportunity to cut both financial and environmental costs, argues , Director of the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) in the current edition of the journal Nature.

“Over the past few years, local governments in towns and cities across the world have been dimming streetlights, turning them off for parts of the night, investing in more energy-efficient technologies and gradually modernizing old lighting systems. Hard times and tight budgets have helped to drive this flurry of activity” writes Professor Gaston in the Comment section of the journal.
“The combination of financial pressures, a broad array of new lighting technologies and a richer understanding of the importance of natural-light cycles to the health of many organisms presents an unusual opportunity” he continues.
“To take advantage, environmental scientists must work quickly to gather and build on existing knowledge about the effects of artificial light on plants and animals, and must collaborate with those responsible for the development and implementation of public lighting schemes.”
To read Professor Gaston’s full article in the Comment section of Nature 497,Pages: 560–561, please click here.

Date: 30 May 2013

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