The Lizard Peninsula, by Ilya Maclean

The Lizard Peninsula by Dr Ilya Maclean

Institute website showcases current research

The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) website now features research profiles showcasing the diverse interdisciplinary work being led by its growing team of internationally recognised researchers.

From maximising the efficiency of solar energy generation, to understanding what motivates individuals to participate in mass protest and how best to alleviate the poverty of coastal communities, researchers in the ESI are tackling some of the most challenging issues of the day. The new on-line research profiles provide a fascinating insight to the Institute’s work on these and many other topics being considered at the University’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall. Each profile summarises the aims of the project and features collaborators, images gathered in the field, and details of the researchers involved.  Keep up to date with key projects through their blogs, websites and social media- all of which are accessible through the profiles.

Featured projects include the Impacts of climate change on the flora and fauna of The Lizard Peninsula led by Dr Ilya Maclean, who is investigating the effects of long-term environmental changes in Cornwall. Another project, Fragments, functions and flows, led by Professor Kevin J Gaston and Dr Caitlin DeSilvey explores the benefits that urban dwellers gain from biological systems – 'ecosystem services' including water, food and physical resources.

To browse the current projects, please visit

New projects will be added to the website on a continuous basis.

The ESI works in partnership with businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to translate research and expertise into innovative business practices, products and services. Any potential business partner interested in current or future research projects, should contact the Institute’s Knowledge Exchange Team.

The ESI has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund Convergence Programme (£22.9M) and the South West Regional Development Agency (£6.6M), with significant support from the Higher Education Funding Council for England.


Date: 7 November 2013

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