Mousehole Harbour at Christmas. Image: Bob Jones.

All is calm, all is bright

Science never sleeps, but researchers are allowed a lie-in occasionally and, given the time of year, it’s unlikely we’ll be announcing much by way of events, research, breakthroughs or coups in the next week or two.

However, if you watch ITV at 6pm on 28 December, you will see Professor Juliet Osborne, Dr Pete Kennedy and the Queen's bees  - not queen bees, but HM's actual bees - at Buckingham Palace. It's the second of two programmes called 'The Queen's Garden'; Juliet and Pete closely observe the bees as they 'dance' - their way of telling other bees where the best nectar is - and are able to conclude that the bees' favourite spots in the garden are those least cultivated and most naturally managed. (This isn't a spoiler, incidentally, we haven't just given away the ending.)

Other than this, we anticipate a quiet spell, during which you’re less likely than usual to be visiting this page in the hope of finding fresh news but, that being so, we didn’t want to let the holiday season pass unmarked.

So, the gist of this is simply to wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year from everyone at the ESI.

We look forward to seeing you all shiny-eyed and eager – well, we look forward to seeing you – early in 2015. 

Date: 23 December 2014

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