Research positions

We are keen to hear at any time from individuals with their own funding, or who have opportunities to apply for such funding and who would like to join the ESI to conduct projects across our research themes (please e-mail Professor Kevin J Gaston). We are particularly interested in research into:

  • renewable energy including heat and cooling and, marine, wind and solar renewables,
  • sustainable mining and minerals resourcing,
  • biodiversity science including ecosystem and landscape processes,
  • the socioeconomic transition to an environmentally sustainable economy and,
  • interdisciplinary applied mathematics including computational statistics, data modelling, system dynamics, control, optimisation and/or computation.

The following new funded studentships are available.

Click on the links for further details and how to apply.

NERC GW4+ DTP PhD studentship: Otter population growth and range expansion in changing aquatic environments Ref: 1355 - Closing Date 10/01/14

NERC GW4+ DTP PhD studentship: Genetic Management of the European Lobster Ref: 1368 - Closing Date 10/01/14

NERC GW4+ DTP PhD studentship: Three-dimensional space use by a top marine predator: New perspectives in animal movement at the interface between air and sea Ref: 1373 - Closing Date 10/01/14

NERC GW4+ DTP PhD studentship: Predicting the effects of global warming on marine phytoplankton and oceanic biogeochemical cycles Ref: 1381 - Closing Date 10/01/14

NERC GW4+ DTP PhD studentship: Tackling acid mine water runoff using microalgae – a multidisciplinary approach. Ref: 1372 - Closing Date 10/01/14

Phd studentship in Applied Mathematics: Projecting 20th century demography into 21st century ageing and wellbeing – trends, transients and translocation Ref: 1261 - Closing Date 27/01/14