Fanny Beache

Fanny Beauché

Fanny Beauché


Fanny is studying for a PhD  on Human-Wildlife conflict and population biology of edible dormouse (Glis glis) on a College of Life and Environmental Science funded studentship under the supervision of Professor Robbie McDonald and Professor Stuart Bearhop.

During her PhD Fanny will study the ecology of edible dormice, an invasive non-native species in the UK that can infest houses and become a pest. She plans to investigate how residents whose houses are infested perceive and deal with edible dormice and how this can affect the population spread. Fanny will also compare the biology of commensal versus outdoor individuals and study gene flow between these populations.

Academic and research interests

  • ecological and evolutionary processes in animals and their applications on species management
  • human-wildlife conflicts, the public perception of species and how this can impact on their ecology and management.


BSc in Ecology & Biology of Populations, University of Poitiers (2010)

Msc in Ecology, University of Poitiers (2012)