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Research supervision

Professor Katrina Brown - Chair

Dr Caitlin DeSilvey

Dr Janet Fisher

Lucy Szaboova


I am a PhD student in the Department of Geography working under the supervision of Professor Katrina Brown, Dr Caitlin DeSilvey and Dr Janet Fisher of the University of Edinburgh.  My research explores the scope of ecosystem services for mitigating the effects of economic deprivation. Drawing on Sen’s capability approach and insights from the literatures on access theory, human wellbeing, ecosystem services and environmental justice, I investigate how aspects of the political-economic and socio-cultural environment interact and influence people’s constructs of wellbeing, as well as mediate their ability to benefit from ecosystem services. A case study approach is used to empirically explore the Cornish ‘well-being paradox’ (high self-reported well-being coupled with economic deprivation). Qualitative research methods, such as focus group workshops, participatory photography and interviewing, are employed to develop an inductive understanding of the wellbeing – ecosystem services relationship in Cornwall.

Research Interests

  • Well-being
  • Ecosystem services
  • Environmental justice
  • Participatory research
  • Qualitative methods


2012 MSc Environment and International Development (University of East Anglia)