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Dr Tamaryn Menneer

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Research Group

I am a member of Prof Stuart Townley's research group.  

Dr Tamaryn Menneer

Research Fellow


I am developing data-driven models for extracting patterns and relationships in the data from the Smartline project. The Smartline project is aimed at developing new ways to improve wellbeing using data from environmental sensors and wellbeing surveys.  I am also a member of the University of Exeter Medical School

Research interests

  • Statistical modelling
  • Machine learning
  • Visual attention
  • Working memory

Current Projects

  • Smartline



1994 BSc in Cognitive Science (University of Exeter)

1999 PhD in Computer Science: Quantum Artificial Neural Networks (University of Exeter)


2002-2011 Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow, Psychology, University of Southampton

2011-2016 Lecturer in Psychology, University of Southampton

2016-2017 Associate Professor in Psychology, University of Southampton


Contact details

Email T.S.I.Menneer@exeter.ac.uk
Building Environment and Sustainability Institute
Room 1.03
Address University of Exeter
Penryn Campus
Cornwall TR10 9FE