Stuart Townley and Ilya Mclean

Interdisciplinary research

Professor Stuart Townley and Dr Ilya Maclean share an interest in using dynamic mathematical and predictive models to map biodiversity, and to explore species population and evolution.

Dr Ilya Maclean is an ecologist; he uses The Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall as an outdoor laboratory for his work, exploring the effects on wetland species of environmental threats such as climate change. His research is applied and enables him to advise organisations such as Natural England on priorities for conservation action.

Professor Stuart Townley is a mathematician and researches the relationships which exist between things. While his interests span biological and engineering systems, his expertise is of significant value to the study of ecosystems, and understanding how these might change in the future.

By providing a physical space (with outstanding facilities and resources) within which researchers from different disciplines can work together, and in partnership with local business, the Environment and Sustainability Institute is maximising the potential for our team to achieve genuinely innovative research outcomes.

“The complex natural world around us is the life support system upon which humans depend. There are many threats to this system, and to alleviate these we need to know the causes, symptoms and cures. This can only be achieved by bridging traditional disciplines and by combining empirical and modelling work, and a range of qualitative and quantitative approaches.”

Dr Ilya Maclean, Lecturer in Natural Environment