Academic journals

We will add to the list of freely-accessible papers as often as possible. 

Open Access Articles

You can find links to our academics' papers via the Google Scholar link on their profile pages, but we also believe, wherever possible, in making our research easily and freely accessible to as many people as possible.

With this in mind, we aim to build a list on this page of open access articles which can be viewed and downloaded for free. Check back regularly: we have many field-leading academics in the ESI, who are researching and publishing continually.

Quantifying the erosion of natural darkness in the global protected area system  in Conservation Biology

Worldwide variations in artificial skyglow in Scientific Reports

Multinational tagging efforts illustrate regional scale of distribution and threats for east pacific green turtles Chelonia mydas agassizii in PLoS ONE 10

Predicting microscale shifts in the distribution of the butterfly plebejus argus at the northern edge of its range  in Ecography

The Evolution of Multivariate Maternal Effects in PLOS Computational Biology.

Impacts of removing badgers on localised counts of hedgehogs in PLOS One.

Opportunity or orientation?  Who uses urban parks and why in PLOS One.

Multi-scale effects of nestling diet on breeding performance in a terrestria top predator inferred from stable isotope analysis in PLOS One.

Application of nitrogen and carbon stable isotopes (δ15N and δ13C) to quantify food chain length and trophic structure in PLOS One

Excess baggage for birds: inappropriate placement of tags on gannets changes flight patterns in PLOS One

Understanding the distribution of marine megafauna in the English Channel region: Identifying key habitats for conservation within the busiest seaway on earth in PLOS One.

Big catch, little sharks: Insight into peruvian small-scale longline fisheries in Ecology and Evolution

Potential biological and ecological effects of flickering artificial light in PLOS One.

Urban tree effects on soil organic carbon in PLOS One.

What personal and environmental factors determine frequency of urban greenspace use? in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

So near and yet so far: Harmonic radar reveals reduced homing ability of nosema infected honeybees in PLOS One

Two steps forward, two steps back: The role of innovation in transforming towards community-based marine resource management in solomon islands in Global Environmental Change

Local scale comparisons of biodiversity as a test for global protected area ecological performance: a meta-analysis in PLOS One

Regional scale prioritisation for key ecosystem services, renewable energy production and urban development. PLoS One

On the front line: Frontal zones as priority at-sea conservation areas for mobile marine vertebrates.  Journal of Applied Ecology

Relative Roles of Grey Squirrels, Supplementary Feeding, and Habitat in Shaping Urban Bird Assemblages PLOS One