Dear colleagues,

Following on from the VCs message, I wish to personally reassure you that we can and should continue to work with our European colleagues and apply for EU Horizon 2020 grants, despite the momentous result of the UK’s referendum on EU membership.

This point was highlighted in the Government’s own reassurances, from the UK Minister for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson, “The referendum result has no immediate effect on those applying to or participating in Horizon 2020. UK participants can continue to apply to the programme in the usual way. The future of UK access to European science funding will be a matter for future discussions. Government is determined to ensure that the UK continues to play a leading role in European and international research” Although Brussels have not made any formal statements, this morning a representative of the European Commission has said that British researchers should not be concerned about their immediate future inside Horizon 2020, after last week's Brexit vote.

We will be lobbying relentlessly to ensure that the UK and Exeter can continue to participate in Horizon 2020, critical for fulfilment of our individual research projects, our work as researchers, but also those of our University as a whole, not to mention those of the UK. Internally we will be reviewing this situation at all levels within the University and our Research services team will be issuing guidance on specific issues, such as exchange rates and, if necessary, will extend the EU team to assist any academics bidding into EU competitions.

Finally, please also be reassured that our current understanding is that both Interreg and ESIF funds will continue to be supported and evaluated and we do not expect any change in current submission timelines.

Of course, if you have specific queries, please contact


Nick Talbot

Professor Nicholas J Talbot FRS
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Impact
University of Exeter
Northcote House
Exeter EX4 4QJ
Tel: + 44 (0)1392 723006 (PA: Sarah Warren)

Date: 29/06/16