EU referendum update - Weekly Bulletin (11/07/2016)

VC in Brussels

The Vice-Chancellor visited Brussels last week as part of a Universities UK delegation involving a small number of Vice-Chancellors and senior Higher Education representatives. The purpose of the visit was to engage with key EU decision-makers following the vote to leave the European Union, in order to signal the UK Higher Education sector’s commitment to continued European cooperation.

It also aimed to seek reassurances for the research community in the UK and throughout Europe that the UK continues to participate as normal in EU funded activities until such time as the UK’s status as a Member State changes.

Next steps here at Exeter

In last week’s Team Brief Live sessions, our Registrar and Secretary, Mike Shore-Nye, outlined the next steps we are taking as a University in response to the referendum outcome. Advice sessions will be arranged for current and future colleagues, particularly those from EU countries. Plans are in progress covering communications, research (including income diversification,) along with confirmation and clearing (taking both less and more EU students.)

We are contributing to discussions on regional implications (see the open letter co-signed by our Vice-Chancellor) and working on financial contingency. A working group has been set up, co-chaired by Mike Shore-Nye and Professor Janice Kay, Provost, which will consider the likely impact of any forthcoming negotiated changes. The working group of senior academics and professional services colleagues from across all colleges, services and functions of the University, will meet weekly throughout the summer.

Science and Technology Committee call out

The House of Commons’ Science and Technology committee has issued a call out for evidence on the implications and opportunities for science and research inquiry that leaving the EU will bring. Our institutional response is being coordinated by Nick Talbot and Charlotte Lane so please get in touch with your views. If colleagues wish to also give personal submissions and/or as members of learned societies direct to the committee, please state that these are not on behalf of the University.