Student profiles

'What's on your award?'

The Exeter Award is all about you, University of Exeter students, getting actively involved with developing your career and improving your CV. You will only get out of it what you put in so to help spur you on and give you some encouragement here are some real life students who have got involved in the award talking about their motivations for participating and the experience they have gained through the award.

Originally I signed up to The Exeter Award because it gave me a chance to meet prospective employers. Through the award portal I was able to sign up to meet and greet with large law firms, these events often held informative presentations as well as being able to meet the firms employees to ask any questions. I soon found, however, that The Award was more than that - I found that it was about experiences, getting to meet new people and getting involved as much as you can - it really threw me into university life. Read more.

George Paige,
Law and French Law (Maitrise), Penryn Campus

As well as all kinds of training, the Exeter Award provide many precious chances to meet representatives from different companies in many different industries. Last term I went to one of the events, a media networking evening and chatted to some people from media companies, they gave me valuable advice and more importantly, I got the chance to take part in “The Exeter aspect” - the biggest festival in Exeter in the summer. Read more.

Angel JIayu Li,
BA Economics and Finance, Penryn Campus

I found the talks involving companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and various law firms extremely insightful. From just an hour in a talk I learnt a vast amount which I feel that I would not have had access to unless I was doing The Exeter Award. Read more.

Olivia Bailey,
Geography with a European Study, Penryn Campus

During my university holidays I worked in catering before getting a job in my second year helping to organise Blair Castle Horse Trials and Country Fair. In my final year I was asked to return as assistant organiser. These experiences at university taught me a huge amount and I learned just as much, if not more, from the activities that I took part in outside my degree. Read more.

Rupert Laing,
Politics 2009, Streatham campus

In my experience of The Award the best activity is the (compulsory) Interview Experience. This allows you to learn what is needed in an interview and to have a practice interview . This activity developed my confidence and I believe played a large part in my getting a job over the past summer. The Exeter Award is a brilliant experience which I would recommend to anyone who wants to develop in terms of employment and as a person. Read more.

Leanne Ireson,
Geography, Penryn Campus 2011

Extra-curricular activities can help boost your appearance on paper, to separate you from the rest of applicants with great degrees. Nevertheless, the greatest advantage I think I have gained is priceless experience and practical skills that will be just as useful in university, as in the workplace. Read more.

Lora Mihova,
BA Management with Leadership 2012, Streatham

The skills and insight both the Exeter Award and the Exeter Leaders Award have provided has been hugely beneficial. In the summer of my second year I gained an internship at HSBC for 8 weeks ... Every week I attended a presentation from a variety of departments within HSBC, such as Risk and Asset Management. I not only learnt and contributed to work within my own department but also gained an overview of HSBC and the banking industry and how it operates as a whole. It was extremely interesting and valuable, not just as work experience but also in utilising and practicing some of the skills the Exeter Award and the Exeter Leaders Award encourages - such as the value of effective communication, team work and establishing a rapport with people. Read more.

Emma Oliver,
History 2010, Streatham campus

The varied skills sessions I have attended as part of the award have been informative, interesting and well-organised. Most notably, participation in the Ernst & Young ‘The Apprentice’ Business Game proved an exciting opportunity to develop entrepreneurial ability under the guidance of a professional mentor whilst raising a sizable amount for charity – all in an afternoon’s work! Furthermore, the Award has been a useful for generating and researching ideas of future directions through attendance at employer presentations as well as the networking opportunities provided by these sessions. Read more.

Dale Potter,
University of Exeter Business School

Thousands of students leave university each year with a hard earned degree but little chance of securing a job. Studying for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology at Exeter has given me the experience to think critically and creatively but I am fully aware that this alone is no longer sufficient to stand out from the crowd. The Exeter Award has been the perfect opportunity for me to gain official university recognition to the range of activities I have undertaken during my time at university, and will show employers the skills that I have sought to develop. It has played a pivotal role in teaching me how to highlight important skills and ultimately build up the best possible CV. Read more.

Sarah-Beth Secret,
School of Psychology

As an international student whose mother tongue is not English, it is difficult for me to compete with peers when hunting for jobs, even with a higher degree. Therefore I appreciate The Exeter Award which pushed me to enhance my employability and made me a bit different from thousands of other graduates on top of my study. Read more.

Ziyi (Claudia) Wang,
MSc Finance and Management 2010