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Students collecting for charity in Exeter.


You can count any formal volunteering placement with a recognised charity or community organisation in any country towards your Award, providing you completed the relevant hours in that role after you started at University.

You will need to complete 35 hours of volunteering and sport or music activities and/or work experience.

Most volunteering experience is accepted for the Exeter Award, but if you're unsure about whether your experience counts, please get in touch with the Exeter Award team by asking a question in My Career Zone.

Volunteering activities associated with the University that count include:

Facilitating music means contributing something definite to the functioning or organisation of a musical ensemble or society, eg:

  • setting up a new group;
  • directing, teaching (e.g. clarinet choir beginners) or conducting;
  • helping with the organisation of a non-society ensemble;
  • holding any committee post in a music society.

Performance by itself does not count towards your 35 hours work experience.

If you are not an elected officer of a society, but can demonstrate that you have spent the required number of hours assisting in the running of a society as a volunteer, (driving the minibus, distributing hundreds of concert fliers, bowing parts, for example) then these things can also be counted provided you can document them.

Facilitating sport means making a quantifiable difference by organising, promoting or improving a club.  Taking part in matches or training sessions does not count, but you can use the following activities:

  • organising or leading training sessions;
  • holding any committee post in an AU club or society;
  • attending specific seminars on nutrition/time management/drug awareness etc.