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Pathways to Law



Pathways to Law is an innovative and exciting programme which provides fantastic opportunities for sixth form students who are interested in Law. This unique programme is funded and supported by The Sutton Trust and offered at 13 UK partner universities, including the University of Exeter. We are excited to be able to offer places on Pathways to Law as a strand of Exeter Scholars – but please note that, as Pathways is also part of a national programme, some of the activities and aspects of the programme will be a little bit different from other subject activity strands.


9 x full-day events, all to take place between December 2019 and March 2021.

Session 1 Wednesday 11th December 2019 10:00–15:30 Streatham campus, Exeter Introduction to The English Legal System & Sources of Law
Session 2 Saturday 18th January 2020 10:00–15:30 Streatham campus, Exeter Client Interviewing & Networking
Session 3 Wednesday 12th February 2020 10:00–15:30 Streatham campus, Exeter Pre-Placement Day
    February half term     Work Placements
Session 4 Tuesday / Wednesday

3rd / 4th March 2020

10:00–15:30 Streatham campus, Exeter Visit to Exeter Legal Institutions

Easter holiday****

    Work Placements (Sutton Trust Online)****

22nd April 2020

12:00–16:00 University of Bristol University of Bristol Big Lecture
Session 5   May / June 2020****   Causeway (Sutton Trust Online)**** Personal Statements, & Introduction to LNAT (date & time will depend on individual registration)****
  Monday–Friday**** 20th–24th July 2020****   Sutton Trust Online**** Virtual Summer Conference****
    Summer holiday     Work Placements
Session 6 Friday 25th September 2020 09:30–11:30/12:00 Online (Zoom) Insight Experience: District Judge and Law Firm
Session 7 Wednesday 14th October 2020 14:00–16:30 Online (Zoom)

Penryn Campus & Criminal Law

Session 8 Wednesday 25th November 2020 10:00–16:00 Online (Handshake) Virtual Law Fair
Session 9 Friday  4th December 2020 09:30–12:00 Online (Zoom) Academic Session / Law Firm Insight Experience
  Tuesday 9th February 2021 12:30–16:00 Online (Zoom)

Inner Temple Discover Day (Becoming a Barrister)**

  Thursday 29th April 2021 18:00–19:00 Online Pathways to Law Graduation*

* Not a core event.
** Not a core event but strongly recommended for those wishing to pursue a career as a barrister.

Sessions will take place on a variety of days during term-time, and some sessions will be on Saturdays.

As well as the university sessions, Pathways to Law students will complete a law-related work experience placement lasting 3–5 days during the school holidays. This usually takes place in February half-term, but may take place during Easter or summer holidays. The exact dates will be confirmed as far in advance as possible.

Students will be allocated their own undergraduate law student as an online e-mentor, and are strongly encouraged to actively engage in this unique opportunity to have 1:1 support available throughout the programme. 

Activity Locations

Mainly Streatham Campus, plus one academic session in Penryn, a visit to the Courts in Exeter, and the opportunity to attend a residential at the University of Warwick. Other optional trips may be made available during the programme.  

Transport will be provided for events which take place outside of Exeter, with the exception of work experience placements.

Subject Activity Strand Content

The Pathways to Law programme is made up of a number of activities, some of which are common to all Pathways to Law universities:

  • Academic sessions at the University of Exeter
  • Client Interviewing & Networking – an opportunity to hone your networking skills and practice client scenarios with legal professionals
  • Expert advice on developing your CV plus advice and guidance on applying to university and your UCAS application
  • Visits to local legal institutions such as Exeter Combined Courts and the Magistrates Courts
  • Work experience at a law firm, law courts, barristers chambers or in-house legal team
  • National Conference – this residential conference brings together Pathways to Law students from across the country to take part in a wide-ranging programme of academic and social activities
  • Inner Temple – an opportunity to visit the Inner Temple in London- perfect for budding barristers!
  • E-mentoring – you will be assigned an undergraduate law student as a mentor who will provide help and support throughout your time as a Pathways to Law student via a secure online portal
  • Graduation ceremony – a perfect way to celebrate your achievements at the end of the programme


This subject activity strand has contributions from the following degree programmes:

  • LLB Law
  • LLB Law with European Study
  • LLB English Law and French Law
  • LLB Law with Business
  • BBL Bachelor of Business & Laws

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this subject activity strand.

Pass Criteria

To successfully complete Pathways to Law, you must attend 6 of the 9 core sessions, and successfully complete a work placement in a legal setting for 3–5 days.