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GermanyFinal year programme - Flexible Combined Honours

One compulsory German module is taken during the final year:

  • Advanced German Language Skills - MLG3111 (30 credits) (terms 1 and 2)

and other modules chosen from those available, e.g.:

  • Dictatorships on Display: History Exhibitions in Germany and Austria - MLG3036 (15 credits)
  • Violence, Gender and Nationhood in the Work of Heinrich von Kleist - MLG3028 (15 credits)
  • Violence and Vanitas: The German Baroque - MLG3035 (15 credits)
  • ... the choice varies each year. The current list is under Modern Languages - German on the College of Humanities' modules web page.

to make a total of 60 credits in this half of the overall Flexible Combined Honours degree programme.

German department.