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Final year programme - Flexible Combined Honours

Inscription on arch of Titus, RomeOne compulsory module is taken in the final year:

  • Classical Language and Texts: Latin V - CLA3251 (30 credits)

One module is chosen from those available for the relevant academic year, e.g.:

  • The Age of Cicero - CLA3008 (30 credits)
  • Ancient Comedy - CLA3016 (30 credits)
  • Art in Ancient Society - CLA3039 (30 credits)
  • Greek and Roman Ethics - CLA3023 (30 credits)
  • The World of Late Antiquity - CLA3108 (30 credits)
  • Check the departmental list to see all modules available

The Classics and Ancient History co-ordinator is available to talk through module choice and possible dissertation subjects.

Classics and Ancient History department.