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Final year programme - Flexible Combined Honours

Traditional Berber Wedding, Tataouine Oasis, Tunisia, North AfricaThere are no compulsory modules during the final year.

You choose modules from those available in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies (IAIS), e.g.:

  • Nationalisms in the Middle East - ARA3129 (15 credits)
  • Folklore and Identity in the Middle East - ARA3152 (15 credits)
  • Intermediate Arabic language I - ARA3160 (30 credits)
  • EU Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and North Africa - ARA3154 (15 credits)
  • Armed Islamist Movements: Jihadism and Beyond - ARA3158 (15 credits)
  • The Orientalist Debate - ARA3159 (15 credits)
  • Islamic Art and Architecture - ARA3161 (15 credits)
  • Britain in the Middle East, 1798-1977 - ARA3162 (15 credits)
  • Politics and Reform in the Gulf - ARA3163 (15 credits)

Bazaar - Muscat, Omanand up to 30 credits of modules may be taken from other departments offering relevant modules, e.g.:

  • Egyptology - ARC3607 (15 credits)
  • Understand Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East - POL3042 (30 credits)
  • Power and Politics in North Africa - POL3141 (30 credits)
  • Readings in Public Islam and the Rise of Islamists - POL3151 (30 credits)
  • The Politics of Empire in the Middle East - POL3152 (30 credits)

to make a total of 60 credits in this half of the overall Flexible Combined Honours degree programme.

Middle East and North African Studies department – Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies (IAIS)