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The Exeter Award

Enhance your employability


  • combine subjects not otherwise possible at Exeter
  • cross-subject degrees to suit your interests and career ambitions
  • leads to a named degree title of the subjects you study
  • study two subjects, or sometimes three
  • create your own themed pathway
  • vary the proportion of the subjects each year
  • add vocational elements to your studies
  • opportunities for study and work abroad


First year programme - Flexible Combined Honours

Greek inscriptionThe study of ancient Greek involves a beautifully flexible and expressive language and also the appreciation of some of the world's finest literature. The aim of this pathway is to integrate the latest approaches to ancient language and literature with the best traditional values of academic study.

Studying ancient languages offers a number of skills that are transferable to many situations in life and employment: not only the detailed awareness of the way language systems work, but also an ability to unpack the meaning of all manner of texts, from politicians' speeches to advertisers' slogans.

You study the Greek language throughout your degree. The level of this and the nature of your first-year studies depend on whether you have an A-Level (or equivalent) in ancient Greek (having the A-Level or equivalent is not a requirement to take this subject pathway):

No A-Level or equivalent in Greek

  • Classical Language and Texts: Greek I and II - CLA1203 (60 credits)

A-Level or equivalent in Greek

  • Classical Language and Texts: Greek III - CLA1204 (30 credits)
  • Option modules in Greek studies, chosen from those available, to the value of 30 credits, e.g.
    • Ancient Sources (Written Evidence): Greek Historiography to the end of the Fifth Century BC - CLA1302 (15 credits)
    • Text and Context: Early Greek Poetry - CLA1401 (15 credits)
    • Ancient World: Greek Philosophy - CLA1507 (15 credits)
    • ... The modules vary each year, in part as some are taught in alternate years. Check the module list (under Classics and Ancient History) to see those available in the current year.

Overall the compulsory and chosen modules make a total of 60 credits in this half of your Flexible Combined Honours programme.

Classics and Ancient History department.