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First year programme - Flexible Combined Honours

world sunlight - November 1pm GMT

One compulsory Theology module is taken during the first year:

  • Introduction to Theology - THE1051 (15 credits) term 1

and 45 credits chosen from level 1 options in Theology, e.g.:

In term one: Spiritual Choice in Historical and Contemporary Theology

  • The Faith of the Fathers: God, Christ and Salvation in the Early Church - THE1061 (15 credits)
  • Elements of New Testament Greek - THE1070 (15 credits)
  • The Creation of A Nation in the Hebrew Bible - THE1073 (15 credits)
  • Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics - THE1075 (15 credits)

In term two:

  • Philosophical Questions About Religion - THE1052 (15 credits)
  • The Gospels: Origins and Outlooks - THE1054 (15 credits)
  • Medieval and Reformation Theology - THE1060 (15 credits)
  • Introducing Biblical Hebrew - THE1072 (15 credits)
  • ...there are many to choose from, and they vary each year. A full list is available on the Theology and Religion department's options web page.

to make a total of 60 credits in this half of the overall Flexible Combined Honours degree programme.

Theology and Religion department.

World sunlight - 2 pm GMT November