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The Exeter Award

Enhance your employability


  • combine subjects not otherwise possible at Exeter
  • cross-subject degrees to suit your interests and career ambitions
  • leads to a named degree title of the subjects you study
  • study two subjects, or sometimes three
  • create your own themed pathway
  • vary the proportion of the subjects each year
  • add vocational elements to your studies
  • opportunities for study and work abroad


Personal Tutors

Students- RAM-bar- and- tutorEvery Flexible Combined Honours (FCH) student has at least one personal tutor - you may have a tutor in one or both of your main subjects, it depends on the subjects you take.


  • look after you
  • provide a listening ear
  • are a point of contact for advice and help

Personal tutors are usually FCH subject co-ordinators, so they can help with both academic aspects of your studies and personal issues.

They help with your development and getting the most out of your time at university. This is often referred to as personal development planning (PDP) - and the University offers many resources for this.

What Can my Personal Tutor do for me? (pdf file)

We try to make sure you have the same tutor throughout your time at the university, so that a good relationship can be built up and tutors can write a meaningful reference for you when you are applying for things after university.

Support Services

A very large range of Student Support Services is available on campus.

The Guild Advice Unit is highly recommended as a first 'port of call' for any help you are looking for.