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The Exeter Award

Enhance your employability


  • combine subjects not otherwise possible at Exeter
  • cross-subject degrees to suit your interests and career ambitions
  • leads to a named degree title of the subjects you study
  • study two subjects, or sometimes three
  • create your own themed pathway
  • vary the proportion of the subjects each year
  • add vocational elements to your studies
  • opportunities for study and work abroad


Second year programme - Flexible Combined Honours

Arabs reading newspapersOne compulsory Arabic language module is taken:

  • Arabic for Beginners II - ARA2148 (30 credits)

and modules are chosen from those available, e.g.:

  • Gender-Identity and Modernity in the Middle East - ARA2118 (15 credits)
  • Society and Empire in the Modern Middle East, 1798-1914 - ARA2130 (15 credits)
  • Great Thinkers of the Islamic Tradition: From al-Kindi to Taha Husayn - ARA2155 (15 credits)
  • Reading Qur'anic Arabic - ARA2144 (15 credits)

to make a total of 60 credits in this half of the overall Flexible Combined Honours degree programme.

Note - a year abroad in an Arabic-speaking country does not form part of the study of Arabic through Flexible Combined Honours. If you want a year abroad of this type you can only do so through the undergraduate Masters in Arabic and Islamic Studies degree. You can of course spend a year abroad in your third year elsewhere - see study abroad.

Arabic department – Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies (IAIS)