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  • Problems writing essays and reports?
  • Lecturers say your English is bad?
  • Told your essays lack structure?
  • Problems reading effectively?

ELE study skills courses

Several courses are available through ELE to improve your study skills, e.g.:

  • ELE - Undergraduate SkillsUnderstanding plagiarism
  • Essay writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Team working
  • Exams and revision
  • Dissertations

To access these, use the Student Resources menu at the top of the ELE page and select Undergraduate Skills.


Writing dissertations - on-line guide

A superb guide to writing dissertations, written by Prof. Stephen Lea of Exeter's Psychology department.

It covers all aspects of writing, from organising material to create a good and logical flow, right down to how to write effective sentences.

It focuses on writing Psychology material, but it is excellent for all types of research-based writing.

A must!


Open University on-line study skills - highly recommended!

OpenLearnThe Open University offers a brilliant set of free on-line skills modules through its Open Learn resources.

All sorts of skills are covered, e.g. essay writing, presentations, studying, numeracy ...

Highly recommended!!

Study Skills Service

The University offers a study skills service that can help, with one-to-one and group sessions on:

  • Essay-writing
  • Managing dissertations
  • Giving presentations
  • Time management and prioritising
  • Critical reading and writing
  • Revision strategies and exam techniques
  • Citation, referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Notetaking

More information at: http://www.as.ex.ac.uk/eeu/studentskills/individual/index.shtml

talk-to-tutorDo not suffer in silence!

At the very least:

  • talk to your personal tutor, and/or
  • talk to the FCH staff. No appointment needed - if the FCH office door is open, come in!