FCH2015 Module Description

Work Experience (FCH2015)

Credits 15

Work Experience consists of a combination of work placement and written and aural reflection on the work experience.

  • 70 hours – a 15 credit module in your second or final year.
  • Can be taken in your final year provided you have at least 90 level 3 credits in your degree programme from other modules, as the work experience modules are level 2. If taking the module during your final year you will need to complete a Work Experience Approval Letter
  • If you are on the four-year FCH UK Work Experience degree or the four-year FCH Work Experience Abroad degree you cannot take the 15 credit work experience module in your fourth year.
  • The timing of the work placement can be at any point from the summer vacation prior to the start of the academic year in which the module is to be taken, to the end of the Easter vacation of that year.

As a result, you will learn:

  • to think critically and effectively about work
  • what you can gain from employment as regards personal development
  • what you can contribute to an employer


FCH2015 Module Description