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The Exeter Award

Enhance your employability


  • combine subjects not otherwise possible at Exeter
  • cross-subject degrees to suit your interests and career ambitions
  • leads to a named degree title of the subjects you study
  • study two subjects, or sometimes three
  • create your own themed pathway
  • vary the proportion of the subjects each year
  • add vocational elements to your studies
  • opportunities for study and work abroad


The workplaceThe work experience has to be regarded as graduate level.

This means a job for which a degree, or at least working towards a degree, is required.

The work should have an emphasis on mental rather than physical abilities, with strong aspects of problem-solving and analysis.

Examples include:

  • student internships with large companies
  • financial services, banking
  • education, e.g. classroom assistant, teaching English as a foreign language
  • IT, e.g. support, development in an organisation
  • museums, galleries, libraries
  • commercial, retail (but not just being on a till or check-out)
  • administration, e.g. council or government offices
  • charity administration (but not voluntary work)
  • office work (but not just making tea or photocopying)
  • legal-related, e.g. internship in a law firm
  • events management
  • media, publishing

It cannot include self-employment.

You can have one or more work placements during the period of work.

All work placements need to be approved by the FCH Director before they commence.