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The Exeter Award

Enhance your employability


  • combine subjects not otherwise possible at Exeter
  • cross-subject degrees to suit your interests and career ambitions
  • leads to a named degree title of the subjects you study
  • study two subjects, or sometimes three
  • create your own themed pathway
  • vary the proportion of the subjects each year
  • add vocational elements to your studies
  • opportunities for study and work abroad


Work experience15 credit module

  • Can be taken during your second year.
  • Can be taken in your final year provided you have at least 90 level 3 credits in your degree programme from other modules, as the work experience modules are level 2.
  • If you are on the four-year FCH UK Work Experience degree or the four-year FCH Work Experience Abroad degree you cannot take the 15 credit work experience module in your fourth year.
  • The timing of the work placement can be at any point from the summer vacation prior to the start of the academic year in which the module is to be taken, to the end of the Easter vacation of that year.

120 credit module (one year)

  • This is a one-year module taken between the second and fourth years by students on the four-year UK Work Experience or Work Abroad FCH degrees.
  • The work period can be at any point from the summer vacation at the end of the second year to the end of the summer vacation before the start of the fourth year.
  • The required period of work is 30 weeks at the actual work placement. The 30 weeks exclude any holidays. You can do more than 30 weeks of work if you wish.
  • Work placements have to be arranged and all the administration completed, by the end of the summer term of your second year.