The refurbished Forum Library opens 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The 400 seat Alumni Auditorium is the largest teaching space at the University.

Learning spaces and Library

The new learning spaces and library form an integral part of day-to-day life within the Forum.

These modern, fresh facilities are equipped with the very latest innovative technology, providing a vibrant and stimulating environment.

There are more study spaces than ever before and more areas in which you can use your laptop or tablet, such as the 130 spaces within the Forum’s main atrium, called the Street, and other ‘breakout’ areas covered by high-speed wi-fi and wired power and data points.

A new, 400-seat Alumni Auditorium is one of the main features of the Forum, providing the largest single teaching space at the university. The adaptable seating lay-out enable people to turn and face each other to facilitate group discussion, while all the seats are individually networked. The Alumni Auditorium will also cater for performance and music.

Two, 60-seater exploration labs are also available for students. The first features 60 tablet PCs and video-conferencing facilities and the second provides ten, multi-touch ‘surface tables.’ These are designed to encourage group learning and are among the first of their type to be found in any UK university.

Twelve seminar rooms located in the new seminar block can be used for group or quiet study. Moveable doors can also extend the adjacent library during the exam revision periods.

The Forum Library is a modern, clean, and attractive space to study and work. There are 750 study seats increasing to 1000 during exams, over 100 university network computers and high specification print/copy/scan devices. WiFi and power are available throughout. The artwork and sculpture relate to current university research and study. The Forum library has flexible study spaces, including quiet and group study. The library opens 24 hours a day, seven days a week.