geoMIP workshop
The workshop is focused on discussing the results of the GeoMIP simulations.

Second GeoMIP Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Workshop

Friday 30 March & Saturday 31 March 2012
Senate Chamber, Northcote House, University of Exeter


Introduction to workshop

This workshop is a continuation of the first workshop held at Rutgers University in February 2011. By the time this workshop is held, most of the results will have already been submitted and available to the geoengineering research community to analyze. We have organized a two-day workshop, primarily focusing on results and coordinated data analysis of the simulations.

Please note that participation in this workshop is by invitation only.

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Objectives of the workshop

  • Discuss results of the GeoMIP simulations
  • Discuss coordinated data analysis
  • Assess contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
  • Assess GeoMIP progress thus far, as well as future directions and possible expansions, including coordination with CCMVal