Information for Academic Staff and Members of Graduation Processions

Before the Ceremony:

Ceremony Timetable

The ceremony timetable will available on our website here as soon as it has been finalised.


Academic Registration

In order to attend the graduation ceremony, you must register online via the Academic registration survey. Invitations for academic colleagues will be sent to Education Business Partners and College PVCs for circulation and will also be linked on this website when it is available.

Academic Registration for Summer Graduation 2020 will open on 23 March 2020 and will close on 12 June 2020. If you do not register by this date, we cannot guarantee that your correct robes will be available.

Academic Dress

If you do not have your own academic robes, you will be able to request your robes during registration as part of the survey. Our robing supplier, Graduation Attire, will then produce your robes for you and provide them on the day. There is no charge for this service.

Please note that while our robing supplier will do their best to provide the correct academic dress for you, it is not always possible to provide exact robes for colleagues who have graduated from international institutions. In these cases, you will be able to wear either an Exeter PhD robe or other UK institution's robes. We will contact you if there are any queries regarding your gown.

Accessibility Requirements


During the ceremony, it is usual practice for the processions to walk down the centre of the Great Hall and access the stage via a flight of 9 steps at the front of the hall. The processions will then take their seats on the stage and remain seated throughout the ceremony, before descending the steps at the end of the ceremony in order to process out of the Great Hall.

For those with mobility needs, we can offer a number of alternative arrangements. If you have any questions about access to the ceremony, or have any specific access requirements, please contact the Graduation Coordinator, Gemma Edney (, or the SID Senior Team ( and we will be able to assist you. 


In Truro Cathedral, the processions walk around behind the Cathedral Quire, down past the congregation and then back up the central aisle to the stage which is access via a small step. If you have any questions about access or have any specific requirements, please contact Caroline Simons (

On the Day of the Ceremony:

Robe Collection


Academic Staff and Chaplains

Robes for Academic Staff (with the exception of those in the Chancellor's procession) and Chaplains will be available from The Terrace Restaurant in Devonshire House, which will be open from 8.00am to 6.00pm each day. However, if you find it more convenient to collect your robes before the day of your ceremony, our robing supplier will be in attendance for early gown collection between 4.00pm and 6.00pm the evening before your ceremony.

Please ensure you return your gown no later than 6.00pm on the day of your ceremony.

Presenters and Public Orators

If you are presenting the names of the graduates or are giving the public oration for the ceremony, you will process as part of the Chancellor's procession, and your robes will be available in the John Usher Room in Northcote House on the day of your ceremony.

Council, Senate and Guild Officers

Robes for members of Council, Senate and Guild Officers will be available in the John Usher Room in Northcote House on the day of the ceremony.

Chancellor's Procession

Members of the Chancellor's Procession, including Honorary Graduands and College of Benefactors Inductees, can collect their robes from the John Usher Room in Northocte House on the day of the ceremony.



Assembly of Processions

Please assemble in the Northcote House Committee Rooms Corridor, outside the John Usher Room, at least 20 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. Members of Education Student Services will steward the processions.

Processions will line up as follows:

1. Academic Staff, Council and Senate Procession

  1. Academic Marshal
  2. Academic Staff
  3. Members of Council, Senate and Chaplaincy

2. Civic Procession (if applicable)

  1. Civic Mace Bearer
  2. Chief Executive of Exeter City Council
  3. Lord Mayor

3. Chancellor's Procession

  1. Chancellor Marshal
  2. Presenters, Public Orators, Guild Officers
  3. Deans, Registrar, Pro-Vice-Chancellors
  4. Pro-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  5. Vice-Chancellor
  6. Mace Bearer
  7. Chancellor


Processing into the Great Hall or Cathedral

The Marshals will indicate when each procession should move off. All processions will walk down the centre of the Great Hall towards the stage. On approaching the stage:

Academic, Council and Senate Procession

The academic marshal will stop and turn to face the procession. The procession should divide and ascend by the right- or left-hand steps as appropriate. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the procession should proceed behind the Chancellor's seating row, meet in the middle of the stage and occupy seats as indicated in the stage seating plan. You will be advised of your place in the procession on the day. Council members and Chaplains will be at the rear of the procession.

Civic Procession (if applicable)

The Civic Procession should ascend to the stage via the right-hand steps and occupy seats as indicated in the stage seating plan.

Chancellor's Procession

Officers and Officials should ascend by the right- or left-hand steps as appropriate to reach the named seats as shown in the stage seating plan. The Honorary Graduand/College of Benefactors Inductees should ascent by the right-hand steps and proceed to their seat(s), which will be clearly marked by name.

Order of Ceremony

Each ceremony may vary slightly, but will broadly follow the format listed here:

  • Entry of the processions
  • Welcoming address by the Chancellor (or his representative)
  • Address by the Vice-Chancellor (or his representative)
  • Welcome by the Master of Ceremony
  • Presentation of the first cohort of graduands
  • Public Oration and award of Honorary Degree (if applicable)
  • Presentation of the second cohort of graduands
  • Vote of thanks from the Students' Guild
  • Closing address by the Chancellor (or his representative)
  • Exit of the processions

Processing Out of the Great Hall or Cathedral

The Marshals will direct the processions to leave the stage in reverse order of their entry.

The Chancellor's procession and Civic Procession (if applicable) will make their way back to the staff robing area.

Members of the Academic procession will be led to line up to clap the graduates as they leave. The graduates will be led by the Student Marshals once the academic procession have left.

College Receptions

Following each ceremony there will be a College reception with complimentary refreshments held in The Forum (Exeter) or in the Italian Gardens (Cornwall). All academic staff are encouraged to attend, as student feedback strongly suggests that this is much appreciated.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the ceremony, please contact the University Graduation Officer, Gemma Edney (, ext. 6951) or the SID Senior Team (, ext. 6622).