Grand Challenges principles

These principles are the guiding aspects of Grand Challenges:

  1. The aims of Grand Challenges will link strongly to those of the Education Strategy e.g. to encourage research-inspired, innovative, multi-disciplinary, enquiry based learning and improve the employability attributes of our graduates.
  2. The topics covered will link to the University’s HASS and STEM strategies where possible.
  3. The programme will allow students to co-create some aspects of the Grand Challenges Week.
  4. Grand Challenges Week will be open to all undergraduate students.
  5. Grand Challenges Week will take place within the first week of June after the end of exams.
  6. It will aim to recruit approximately 300 participants, across four or more challenges on Streatham campus.
  7. Grand Challenges will be a challenging, fun and engaging learning experience.
  8. Challenges will be led by academics. The PGR and the wider academic community (i.e. academics from different disciplines) will be involved and support the Challenges.
  9. Employers, alumni, honorary graduates, local businesses and the local community will be engaged in Grand Challenges in some form.
  10. Students from all campuses will have the opportunity to take part in Grand Challenges.