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Lead academic: Professor Peter Cox (Climate Systems Dynamics)
Lead academic: Professor Jim Haywood (Atmospheric Science)
UN Sustainable Development Goal
UN Sustainable Development Goal
UN Sustainable Development Goal

Climate Change: Mitigation, Adaptation or Geo-Engineering?

Challenge overview

This is an exciting and thought-provoking challenge, exploring technological and societal challenges, and environmental impacts and implications associated with global climate change.

You will have the opportunity to hear from a range of external experts, including climate change scientists and world-leading academics. Within this challenge, you will work with students from other disciplines in small groups to come up with your own student-led project, which is both creative and scientific, addressing an area of climate change. This could include, but is not limited to, raising education and awareness of climate change, making an impact on climate change locally, or looking at what can be done on a global level to minimise the negative effects of climate change. 

Grand Challenges 2018 

This year, the Grand Challenges on Climate Change elicited input from an exciting range of speakers, panellists and judges from fields as diverse as meteorology, global climate modelling, economics, psychology, the humanities, social sciences and journalism. Academic leads Peter Cox and Professor Jim Haywood appeared alongside speakers, panellists and judges from the Carbon Brief, the Economist and leading experts from the Met Office research team; as well as ‘home grown’ talent from the University of Exeter.

Events included a masterclass on climate communication and debunking climate myths, led by Oliver Morton from the Economist and Leo Hickman from Carbon Brief, inspirational climate science talks, a primary school visit and a provocative interactive debate on whether society should adapt, mitigate or engineer its way out of the pending global warming catastrophe. This was led by Peter Cox (Chair), Stewart Barr, Jim Haywood and Saffron O'Neil

Here is the Climate Change Challenge Timetable

Enquiry groups

Enquiry groups are the subtopic of the challenge that students focus on for Grand Challenges Week. These are the enquiry groups that ran in 2018.

Students will design an educational app to engage primary school children with climate change. Children will help the group define the brief and judge the success of the app!  

Climate engineering, sometimes called geoengineering, is trying to counteract climate change by either sucking carbon dioxide out of the air, or making the planet brighter. Students in this group will look at the pros and cons of this as a technique. 

Debunking myths surrounding climate change. Can you identify the truth and communicate it clearly and engagingly? Students will present this information in a variety of ways. Some students will design a climate change communication campaign that will go 'go viral' on Facebook or Twitter. 

Can we spend our way out of the problem? If Bill Gates gave you $100 Billion to fix the climate, how would you spend it?

Photos from Grand Challenges 2017