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Lead academic: Kate Holtaway (Law)
Lead academic: Dr Caroline Keenan (Law)

The Case for Earth: Designing unprecedented action in speaking up for the planet

Challenge overview

"We have heard the rationales offered by the super powers. We know who speaks for the nations. But who speaks …for Earth?”  Carl Sagan

More than ever the Earth needs good advocates to challenge the harm that is being done, campaign for change and demand action from government and large corporations in the future. This challenge will give you the skills to do this.

The week starts with a full day of inspiring speakers and workshops to enable you to start to work on your challenge. This will include skills training on documentary making, political campaigning, advocacy and design. It ends with a showcase day The Case for Earth, when the whole of the Penryn Campus will be taken over by Grand Challenges.

This Challenge is available to Penryn students only. For Exeter based students interested in this theme, please see the Climate Change or Food for Thought Challenges.

Enquiry groups

Enquiry groups are the subtopic of the challenge that you will focus on during Grand Challenges Week, providing you the opportunity to concentrate on an area that you are most interested in. You will be able to choose from the following enquiry groups when you sign up.

Just as Planet Earth 2 brought the problem of Ocean Plastics to the fore, this enquiry group will focus on raising awareness of environmental harms. The harm on which you focus and the way in which you decide to raise awareness is entirely your choice as a group. You can for example choose to produce a documentary in any media; an exhibition which can be set up in different places on and off Campus; or an education pack for schools. By the end of the week you will have created a product which will be showcased on campus when Grand Challenges takes over the Penryn Campus on 14th June 2019.

You will develop a political campaign about your chosen environmental harm. Whether it is deforestation, air pollution or fracking, you will create a campaign which grabs people’s attention and makes them want to sign up to your cause. By the end of the week your group will have produced a political campaign which you will ensure appears all over the Penryn Campus on Friday 14th June.

You will create a pitch suitable for a particular business or corporation you have identified, to explain how they can act sustainably and reduce and repair a particular environmental harm. For example if you decided that you wished to pitch sustainable field courses to the University of Exeter you would identify what interests of the University of Exeter your pitch would need to satisfy. By the end of the week on 14th June your group will pitch your proposals to representatives of business and other corporations.