Cornwall Museums Partnership to host Digital Leadership Seminars in March

Cornwall Museums Partnership has been announced as one of the recipients of DCMS’ Digital Leadership Fund, and is partnering with Bird & Gorton on a series of Digital Leadership seminars in March 2019, in Exeter and Cornwall.

Aimed at cultural leaders in England who are curious about digital leadership and how making better use of digital could benefit their charities and the people they serve, the one-day Digital Leadership Seminars will provide attendees with:

  • A better understanding of what Digital Leadership is and how it applies to your charity’s context
  • Insights from expert speakers on how you and your teams might overcome digital challenges
  • A bank of examples of excellent digital leadership in practice
  • The skills to undertake a digital audit to explore where you are now as a charity and identify your priorities for action
  • Shared resources to support your next steps in building the digital leadership of your charity
  • The start of your network for sharing digital knowledge, skills, and opportunities

To book:

14 March 2019 at Sandy Park, Exeter

15 March 2019 at Sandy Park, Exeter

25 March 2019 at Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

26 March 2019 at Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall


About the Seminars

£20 pp – more than one person from an organisation is welcome and encouraged. Spaces are limited, please book ASAP to avoid disappointment. 

There are travel bursaries available for attendees: for organisations less than 50 miles, up to £25 per organisation. For attendees travelling 50 miles and over up to £50 per organisation. Please email for more information on this.