Records Management - Documentation and Guidance


Guidance Topic
Records Management Policy (consultation, feedback welcome)
Determining levels of Access
Confidential Waste (Further information from Sustainability)
Working from home (HR Guidance)
Projects Checklist
Shared Drives
Storing Paper Records
Vital Records


Records Retention Schedules

Records retention schedules are being developed for records across the university and will be added to the resources below.  If the records you are interested in are not available below please contact

All of the approved Retention Schedules have been combined into a single file.  The areas currently included are:

  • Alumni Administration
  • Committee papers, minutes and documentation
  • Finance Records
  • Grounds, Buildings and Facilities (Campus Services) records
  • Library Records 
  • Records Management Records
  • Staff Administration Records (additional guidance on Staff Records is available)
  • Student Records (additional guidance on Student Records is available)