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What Innovation, Impact and Business do

The Innovation, Impact and Business (IIB) team works across the research and education landscape. We are experts in:

  • Developing impact - We help with Impact case study development
  • Connecting partners - We help you build links with potential partners locally, nationally and globally
  • Creating opportunities - We help you structure relationships and create opportunities for collaboration using national and regional funding
  • Generating value - We help with income generation; such as IP exploitation, spin-outs, consultancy, facilities access, training services and entrepreneurship across the University

We can help you:

We can help you:

  • Gain market intelligence on needs and trends in particular sectors
  • Organise and run sector networks and workshops to get to know businesses
  • Identify and manage key contacts in business (we manage the University’s contacts database)
  • Manage strategic themes to develop long-lasting benefits with corporate partners
  • Engage regional partners and projects
  • Identify and link with international business partners
  • Find like-minded academic partners across the University

We can help you:

  • Bid for direct research funds from industry and government
  • Develop business collaborations to leverage UKRI/ EU bids
  • Prepare for tenders for Government and business funding opportunities
  • Assess the value of new opportunities
  • Build opportunities for employability with key business partners eg, placements, course lecturing etc
  • Structure relationships through MOUs, Agreements
  • Negotiate with partners
  • Develop education business partnerships such as degree apprenticeships, partnered degree programmes and CPD

We can help you:

  • Build R&D projects with partners
  • Secure Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funding for your projects
  • Manage intellectual property (IP) issues
  • Set up ventures eg spin-outs, joint ventures, etc...
  • Find mentors and management teams for ventures
  • Seek investment funding and other sources of finance for ventures
  • Set up and manage consultancy projects
  • Find funding to develop partnership projects eg, Link Fund, Open Innovation funds

IIB teams

Innovation, Impact and Business staff are divided into three teams:

Impact and Partnership Development

Led by Sean Fielding, this team supports the promotion and funding of impact and engagement. The team works in interdisciplinary, thematic groups addressing College priorities for project development and/or income generation, leading to outcomes which can be captured for future Impact Case Studies.

Regional Impact and Innovation

Led by Chris Evans, this team supports bidding for funds from regional sources; manages innovation support services such as the Science Park, and provides an access point for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Exeter and Cornwall. They also provide regional stakeholder management and policy development to maximise the University’s reputation in the region.

Within the Regional Impact and Innovation team is the Marchmont Employment and Skills Observatory, which aims to improve evidence-based practice and policy in the field of employment and skills.

Commercial and Business Programmes

Led by Dr Neil Hayes, this team supports the organisation and delivery of projects relating to Intellectual Property (IP) exploitation, consultancy, commercial tenders and funder programmes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). They also keep track of investments in projects, proof of concept, commercial projects, licences and shareholdings.