Induction code of practice

The University has a code of practice for induction which sets out our policy and guidelines.

The induction experience will be supported by a current member of staff, known as an induction facilitator, who will meet and welcome the new member of staff on their first day and support their working through an induction process over a two week period.

Induction code of practice

Policy statement

The University will ensure that:

  • Each College/Service has nominated induction facilitators who are responsible for organising the induction of all new staff. The induction facilitator may be the your line manager or someone else within the College/Service and will be supported by People Development.
  • It is the responsibility of the College/Service to advise People Development of any deletions or additions to their list of induction facilitators.
  • The induction process is applied in line with the University’s equal opportunities policy of fair treatment of its staff, potential staff or users of its services.
  • All staff employed are given the same minimum information. In order to achieve this, an induction facilitator will work through the induction timetable with you in the first two weeks of your employment.
  • You will complete a Performance and Development Review (PDR) within three months of commencing work. Managers will assess your abilities, strengths and what they think you can bring to the post, as well as focusing on what they feel are gaps in your skills.

Who is my Induction Facilitator (IF)?

If you do not know who your induction facilitator is then consider the following:

  • Check your letter sent with you contract for the name of an induction facilitator.
  • Contact your line manager.
  • Contact a member of the recruitment panel within your area.
  • If all the above do not provide the IF details, contact Yvonne Pinto, at 


In order to achieve the aims of the Policy Statement induction should:

  1. Start from the moment that a new member of staff is appointed as first impressions are important.
  2. Cover all essential information at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Address the generic areas of induction. The Induction timetable highlights these areas.
  4. Induction facilitators will introduce all new staff to the information guide and a College/Service staff handbook, as appropriate.
  5. Be interactive and able to be adjusted to meet both needs of the individual and the manager/University. The learning experience of the new member of staff will be established in order to tailor the induction to suit their specific needs in a way that will be of benefit to them.
  6. Have no specified length for the process as individuals will have different needs but it will typically be carried out over several weeks. This will be reviewed in the first two weeks by the induction facilitator and then preferably on a weekly basis by the line manager.
  7. Have time allocated to it so that the new member of staff does not feel rushed and be timetabled so that an employee, and those involved in the induction, have a clear plan of what will be covered and when. This needs to be planned before they commence work and should take effect from their first day of employment.
  8. Be evaluated by the new member of staff and the induction facilitator.

The induction should cover:

  1. An introduction to the role.
  2. An introduction to the College/Service and key contact.
  3. Professional Services.
  4. University wide policies, procedures and information.
  5. Any other information, as required.

Problems/issues - who to contact?

If you are not happy with your induction then contact People Development on +44 (0)1392 724515 (or ext 4515) or email