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AHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council
AMP Aspiring Managers Programme
APC Academic Policy Committee
Aptos University Finance Software
ASNs Additional Student Numbers
ASU Academic Support Unit (Cornwall Campus)
AUA Association of University Administrators
BPSMG Broader Professional Services Management
CAMS Communication and Marketing
CBR Contribution Based Award (No longer used)
CBS Centrally Bookable Space
CLES College of Life and Environmental Sciences 
CPD Continuing Professional Development
CRB Criminal Records Bureau
CRE Commission for Racial Equality
CSM Camborne School of Mines
CSR Corporate & Social Responsibility
CUC Combined Universities of Cornwall
DARO Development and Alumni Relations Office
DDA Disability Discrimination Act
DEG Disability Equality Group
DMM Domestic Management
DOR Director of Research
DPA Data Protection Act
DRC Disability Rights Commission
DRC Disability Resource Centre
DVC Deputy Vice Chancellor
ECU Equality Challenge Unit
EDC Equality and Diversity Committee
EE Educational Enhancement
EHRC Equality and Human Rights Commission 
ELE Exeter Learning Environment (Moodle)
EMPS College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
EOC Equal Opportunities Commission
ERBS Exeter Retirement Benefits Scheme
ERICA External Relations, Internationalisation, Communications and Alumni
ESF European Social Fund
ESI Environmental Sustainability Institute
ESRC Economic and Social Research Council
ESS Education and Student Support
FAS Full-time Abroad Study
FAW Full-time Abroad Working
FEC Full Economic Costing
FIP Full-time Industrial Placement
FLC Foreign Language Centre
FLM First Line Managers
FOI Freedom of Information Act
FT Full Time
FTE Full Time Equivalent
HASS Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
HE Higher Education
HEA Higher Education Academy
HEFCE Higher Education Funding Council for England
HEI Higher Education Institution
HERA Higher Education Role Analysis
HESA Higher Education Statistics Agency
HoS Head of School
HR Human Resources
HS Hospitality Services
HUMs College of Humanities
HuSS School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Historic)
ICS Institute of Cornish Studies
IDM Income Distribution Model
IIB Innovation, Impact and Business
ILM Institute of Leadership and Management
ISPG Information Systems Planning Group
JISC Joint Information Services Committee 
JNC Joint Negotiating Committee
JNCHES Joint Negotiating Committee for Higher Education Staff
KPIs Key Performance Indicators
KTP Knowledge Transfer Partnership
L&D Learning & Development
LES College of Life and Environmental Sciences
LGPS Local Government Pension Scheme
LPG Learning Partnership Group
LSI Living Systems Institute
LTSS Learning and Teaching Support Services
MHFG Mental Health Focus Group
NHS National Health Service
NRS Non Recharged Space
NSS National Student Survey
OH Occupational Health
OMP Occupational Maternity Pay
pa per annum
PCAP Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice
PCMD Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry
PDP Professional Development Programme
PDP Personal Development Plans
PDR Performance and Development Review
PG Postgraduate
PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education
PGR Postgraduate - Research
PGT Postgraduate - Taught
PM Personnel Manager
PRARG Planning and Resource Allocation Review Group
P&RC Policy and Resource Committee
PSC Professional Service Charge
PSMG Professional Services Management Group
PT Part Time
PTSF Part Time Service Fraction (used by USS)
PVC Pro Vice-Chancellor
QR Quality Research
R&S Registar and Secretary
RAE Research Assessment Exercise
RAE EO COP Research Assessment Exercise Equal Opportunities Code of Practice
RAS Research Activity Survey
R&C Residences and Catering
RCM Research Committee Mentor
REF Research Excellence Framework
RDP Research Degree Programme
REG Race Equality Group
RLMT Resident Labour Market Test 
ROM Research Output Monitoring
RRAA Race Relations (Amendment) Act
SAG School Administrators Group
SALL School of Arts, Languages and Literatures
SCP Student Campus Partnership (Internship)
SDF Strategic Development Fund
SDU Strategic Delivery Unit
SENDA Special Educational Needs and Disability Act
SSIS College of Social Sciences and International Studies 
SLD Staff Learning & Development
SLS Service Level Statements
SMG Senior Management Group
SMP Statutory Maternity Pay
SMT Senior Management Team
SPARC Strategy, Performance and Resources Committee
SPG School Planning Group
SPP Statutory Paternity Pay
SR1 Staff Requisition
SRIF Science Reserach Investment Fund
SRP Statutory Redundancy Pay
SRS Student Record System
SSP Statutory Sick Pay
STEMM Science Technology Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine
TF Teaching Fellow
TGWU Transport and General Workers Union (Now Unite)
TOIL Time off in Lieu
TPS Teachers Pension Scheme
TRAC Transparent Approach to Costing
Trent HR University's HR and Payroll System
TSB Temporary Staff Bank
TT Term time
UCEA University Colleges Employers Association
UCU University & Colleges Union
UEBS University of Exeter Business School 
UEC University of Exeter in Cornwall
UEMS University of Exeter Medical School
UG Undergraduate
ULP University Leadership Programme
UMP University Maternity Pay
URF University Research Fund
USS Universities Superannuation Scheme
VB Vacancy Bulletin
VC Vice Chancellor
VCEG Vice Chancellor's Executive Group
VLE Virtual Learning Environment
VPN Virtual Private Network
WP Widening Participation


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