Induction to your local area.

Local induction

Each Academic College and Professional Service will complement the core University induction with relevant local induction.  As a minimum, it is encouraged that new staff are introduced to:

  • Other local staff
  • Work space
  • Work building
  • Local facilities
  • Role (from manager)

We also recommend that you view the website for your Department as well as the University Working here website.

Your manager

Your manager plays an important role in your induction. In particular, they will clarify your job role and key responsibilities ensuring that you are clear on specific targets for the first year. In some cases, these may be clearer after a couple of months. Your manager is also likely to introduce you to other staff who you will be working with. They will also be able to make you aware of operational processes and policies such as reporting absence and annual leave.

Your area

Within your area, we anticipate that you will be:

• introduced to other staff

• made aware of various facilities

• familiarised with your building and other relevant locations

Each area has its own individual local induction requirements which will form an addition to the core University induction. This local induction may continue over a few months depending on the nature of your job role and the responsibilities you hold and may involve a number of staff.