Study Abroad academic co-ordinators

College/DeptAcademic Co-ordinatorEmailErasmusInternational Exchange
Biosciences (Exeter campus) Dr Andrew Shaw Y
Biosciences and Geography (Cornwall campus) Dr Andrew Russell  Y
Business School Ms Gabriele Vosseberg Y Y
Drama Dr Adrien Curtin Y Y
European Governance Dr Alison Harcourt Y  
Engineering Dr David Newman Y Y
English Dr Sinead Moynihan     Y
Flexible Combined Honours Dr Mike Dobson 
Geography (Exeter campus) Prof Henry Buller Y Y
Law Tim Rushforth  Y
Mathematics Prof. Pierre Friedlingstein Y
Humanities inc Modern Languages Alice Farris
Steve Bassett Y Y
Physics Dr Annette Plaut   Y
Social Sciences  Tim Rushforth 
Sports and Health Science Dr Stephen Bailey Y Y