1st year of study Start talking to your Study Abroad Coordinator. Be aware that to be considered for International Exchange you must have a 2:1 average (60%).
Check 'Where can I study abroad?'
1 February Submit an internal application form to the Study Abroad Coordinator in your College/discipline with your personal statement and two academic references.
8 February Students will be notified and provided with the relevant host institution's application form.
1 March Submit your completed host institution application form to the Study Abroad Manager in the International Office with any required supporting documentation required. 
March-June Follow procedures from your host university for booking accommodation and registering for courses. Apply for your visa (if necessary) book your flights, contact Student Finance to seek any additional financial support and organise travel insurance.
May (date to be confirmed) Attend the compulsory pre-departure briefing
July-September Courses commence.

Internal application process

Please see the schedule above. It is essential that you forward the internal application form 2013 to your Study Abroad Coordinator by 1 February with your supporting documentation. Please note that this needs to be completed promptly, accurately and be accompanied by all official documents required.

Host institution application

Once you have been allocated a Study Abroad placement the Outbound Study Abroad Team will email you with the application information for your host university.


Start filling out the forms and gathering the documentation necessary in April. Do not wait until you have received your acceptance letter from your proposed host university before you start looking at the paperwork requirements. You will not be able to apply for your visa until you have received written acceptance from your host university.

You may be able to apply for your visa online. However, if you are travelling to the US you will be required to attend an interview at the US Embassy in London. You must ring to make an appointment.

To obtain a visa you may be required to leave/post your passport with the Embassy whilst your visa is being prepared. Please check the requirements and do not plan any travel whilst applying for your visa.