How can I help my child settle in whilst they are on their year abroad?

Naturally it can be an incredibly worrying time for a parent when their child is about to embark on a study abroad placement, but there are a number of ways that you can support your child in the hectic build up to departure:

  • Research with your child the area they will be staying in, utilise guidebooks, travel websites, our own website, and Google Street View to get an understanding of where various landmarks are in relation to the host University campus.  A lot of your concerns and you child's can be eased in this way.
  • Make sure you have photocopies of your child's important documents: passports, tickets, travel insurance, contact details for both the University of Exeter and the host University your child will be staying at.
  • Staying in touch seems like an obvious one, but making sure you are setup on Skype and online messaging before you child has departed will mean one less thing for you both to organise when your child arrives at their destination.  It is important to note that communication methods are not always as widespread in other countries as they are in the UK so try not to panic if you haven't heard from your child everyday.  Often they are so busy making lots of friends and immersing themselves in the culture that they don't always remember to get in touch!
  • Please note that due to Data Protection restrictions we will be unable to discuss your child or their placement with parents or guardians.