Fees and funding

Studying Abroad is a fantastic opportunity both academically and personally, most students (and their parents) ask about the financial implications of study abroad.  It is important to consider essential expenditure such as:

  • return air fare
  • visa
  • travel and health insurance
  • housing, food and general living
  • spending money

Tuition fees for students studying abroad in 2012/13:

  • You pay no tuition fees to your host university for the period abroad.
  • You pay 50% of your tuition fees to Exeter if you are on International Exchange for the full academic year.
  • You will pay tuition fees as normal to Exeter if you are on International Exchange for one semester.

Returning students tell us that because they wanted to take advantage of opportunities to travel and going ski-ing, diving, etc they often spent more than they would in Exeter. If finance is a problem, you should look at your options carefully and budget accordingly.


You may wish to open a bank account abroad – if so, check with your host university the procedure and forms necessary as you may need to take a letter from your home bank. If you are going to keep your home bank account check what charges will be made to withdraw cash abroad and whether it is possible to do so. Please note that debit and credit cards may not be widely accepted in some countries as in the UK.  We would recommend that you have cash available when you arrive.  Don’t forget to factor in any large transactions you will need to make when you arrive such as rent and books, and plan accordingly.

Student Loans

While you are abroad, you may still apply for a student loan. You should contact Student Finance who will assess your eligibility for both tuition fees and loan support during your time abroad. For more information please contact the Student Funding team at Exeter: sid@exeter.ac.uk.

Student Finance

The Registry Office informs Student Finance of students who are spending a year or a semester abroad.  We would encourage you to contact Student Finance to find out what extra funding might be available to you.

Student Finance may also have funds available for students undertaking international study – you should contact them with your plans.

Access to Learning Fund

Payments from the Access to Learning Fund will usually be in the form of non-repayable grants. For further information or for an application pack please contact: The Student Funding Team by email or phone 08444 724 724.

Please note: Students in receipt of the Access to Exeter Bursary should be aware that this award will not be paid for any academic year in which study abroad is undertaken. For further information please contact the Bursaries Team at Exeter by email or phone 08444 724 724.