India Representation

The University of Exeter can trace its associations with India back to the 19th Century.  Our first recorded Indian student attended the Camborne School of Mines (now part of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Science) in 1906, though we believe many studied here in the 1800s.  Since that time hundreds of India students and staff have studied and taught at Exeter, helping to create a university of global standing.

The establishment of the University of Exeter's representation in Bangalore in 2011, in association with Sannam S4, is a new stage in the University's agreement with India.  Exeter is the first British university to establish such a presence in the city and our two officers there are building links with industry, university partners and our alumni.

I have had the privilege of visiting India many times in the last few years, most recently with the British Prime Minister, and it is gratifying to see the extent of collaboration and partnership now underway between students and staff in both countries.  At Exeter, we are determined to see this collaboration deepen.  We have produced a brochure to give you an indication of the exciting work we are conducting with India, and our vision of the way ahead.

Professor Sir Steve Smith
Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive