Applications from current INTO students

All applications from current INTO students are managed by the team in our International Liaison Office – Chloe Sharpe (Assistant Director - INTO Liaison), working very closely with a dedicated team within the University Admissions Office and colleagues in INTO University of Exeter. We hope that you find the information below helpful. However if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application procedures

Once students arrive at INTO to start their Foundation, Diploma, or Graduate Diploma programme, our International Liaison Office (ILO), will assist them with their application for progression to the University of Exeter. Special "fast track" application procedures have been developed for these students, so please DO NOT submit UCAS or postgraduate applications for any students joining an INTO programme. These are handled internally in the Centre, post arrival.

All INTO programme students will attend a number of Progression Workshops throughout the year to ensure they receive the support they need to make informed and timely decisions.

Foundation and Diploma progression to Exeter

Foundation and Diploma students are required to submit a full UCAS application through the International Liaison Office, using one choice for an appropriate programme at Exeter. UCAS Applications Sessions are held in November for Cohort 1 students and in February for Cohort 2 students. Students will be given assistance writing their Personal Statements in their English classes.

Students are also given advice about managing their applications throughout the year in UCAS Track and making appropriate Insurance choice applications. Detailed advice is also given to students about making Firm and Insurance choices.

We monitor students UCAS progress throughout the year, although students remain responsible for checking their UCAS applications on 'Track' on a regular basis, replying to offers by the deadlines given, and keeping contact details up to date. Students are NOT allowed to add more than one choice for Exeter - if they wish to change the programme that they applied at Exeter, they must visit the ILO, and complete a change of programme request form. All changes are subject to approval by the Colleges.

Graduate Diploma progression to Exeter

A specific Graduate Diploma 'Fast Track' application form has been created, meaning students do not need to complete the University's online application form. Application sessions are held at the end of the first semester (December for Cohort 1, March for Cohort 2). Documents such as references, transcripts, and certificates are not routinely required for an application for progression to Exeter.

Application procedures for INTO English Study Students

We find that most students following an INTO English Study programme are intending to progress onto INTO academic programmes or are already holding an offer for a University of Exeter degree programme. Students on the English for Undergraduate, and Postgraduate Study programmes who are interested in applying for University degree programmes directly are welcome to make an appointment with the International Liaison Office to discuss their study plan, qualifications and application, and dedicated assistance is available.

We hope that you find this information useful. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us, by email on , or by phone +44 (0) 1392 725536