Claiming commission

Please note only contracted agents are entitled to commission. Not all students/programmes are entitled to commission - please check your contract for details.

We want the commission payment procedure to be simple and efficient, and aim to pay the commission that we owe you as swiftly as possible.

The commission payment procedure is as follows:

  • In September we will contact you and ask you to fill in the yellow section on a spreadsheet.  You are asked to complete each of the yellow columns for students whom commission is payable.  We will ask you to send the form back and we will fill in the other sections.  If you have not received a spreadsheet but would still like to make a claim please contact us immediately.
  • We then cross-check the list that you have sent us with our application records.  This process is much faster and simpler if your students' original applications made it clear that they had applied through your agency.  We therefore urge you to visit the application processes of this site to find out how to make it clear on each application that a student has been referred by an agent.
  • Once we have cross-checked our list with your records, we will draw up a list of students you have from each College with a total of commission payable from each, and send it to you.
  • Then, we will ask that you use the information provided in the lists to produce invoices for each of the Colleges for which you have students.  Please then follow the instructions provided to submit your invoices.
  • We will then pay the commission that we owe you as soon as possible.

If you have any queries at any point during the commission payment process, please contact Kayleigh Yard on +44 (0) 1392 724009 or email